Celebrating lasting partnerships

23 November 2023 by
Paul Gallo

Loyalty and trust form the cornerstone of our business relationships. We would like to take a moment to shine the spotlight on 11 valued and long-standing TIMMS and TIMMSanywhere clients who have hit significant milestones in their journey with us.

Join us as we celebrate and showcase these businesses and the incredible work they do, segmented by decades of partnership.

Celebrating 35 years from go-live!

Dindas Australia – When we first implemented TIMMS at Dindas, Lew – (as they were known then), had one warehouse in Melbourne and five users, now they have a national operation with over 60 users.

As a major Australian distributor of engineered wood products, Dindas bridges the gap between producers and retailers sourcing products locally, and from regions including New Zealand, USA West Coast, Canada, Europe and SE Asia. Leveraging their core business, the provision of building products and services, Dindas delivers value through product-service combinations that benefit their customers and suppliers alike.

Celebrating 30 years from go-live!

Belmont Timber NSW – From its establishment in 1951 from a workshop in Belmont Street, Alexandria to today’s extensively expanded operation in Fairfield, NSW, Belmont Timber are established players in the NSW building industry.  They boast a rich history from supplying timber for the Housing Commission across NSW to distributing to builders and the general public alike.

Still owned and managed by the Walker family, Bemont Timber’s core business today is the fabrication of engineered frames and trusses.

Celebrating 25 years from go-live! 

Philcox Timber Trading – Based in Gillman, S.A, a privately owned and managed family company who are marking their 40th business anniversary in 2023. Philcox are distributors of premium timber products with an inventory that includes an extensive range of furniture, joinery timbers, panel products and specialty woods.

Dedicated to sustainability, Philcox ensures all timber is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Briggs Veneers – The Briggs Group, with a 110-year history in the timber industry, was founded in 1908. Pioneering eucalypt veneer production in the 1970s and introducing a plywood factory by 1983, the company later shifted to premium veneers. 

After relocating to Wetherill Park, NSW in 2006, their range expanded, now offering over 200 sustainable veneer and panel products. Each veneer is hand-selected, ensuring clients receive exceptional service and quality.

Timberite Building Supplies – Manufacturers of Wellhung Door Systems and WellPrimed Mouldings, Timberite are trusted by top home builders in Victoria and owner-builders alike. Their preassembled solutions streamline on-site preparation and sanding and guarantee time and cost savings without compromising quality.

Celebrating 20 years from go-live! 

Hurford's Wholesale – Founded in 1932, the Hurford Group, a third-generation Australian family business, has been committed to the hardwood timber industry for over 90 years. Guided by Jim Hurford's innovative approach, the company excels in timber manufacturing. From its humble beginnings, Hurford now competes globally, managing everything from forest harvesting to international distribution. Upholding a strong legacy, Hurford Wholesale emphasises sustainability and continues to foster longstanding customer relationships while exploring new opportunities.

Simmonds Lumber – A leading timber wholesaler offering global solutions for housing, commercial construction, home improvements and the industrial sector. Offices located across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, and Surabaya ensure localised support

Simmonds prioritise sustainability, sourcing from responsibly managed forests globally. Committed to quality, their team ensures timber meets or exceeds Australian standards. Notably, Simmonds were the first to use DNA technology to verify our Indonesian timber's legality and have partnered with organisations like Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund.

Meyer Timber NSW – Founded in 1975, Meyer Timber has evolved into one of Australia's leading timber wholesalers. With customer service top of mind, Myer Timber maintain an extensive and varied inventory and their infrastructure is designed for swift and efficient product handling and distribution. 

As a leading national timber wholesaler, our diverse product list includes LSL, OS’ Flooring and Bracing, Radiata/Baltic Pine Framing, T2 Blue Framing, Treated Pine, Meranti, Oregon, Baltic, Engineered Wood Products: I-Joists & LVL, K.D Hardwood, Merbau, Spotted Gum, Cypress, Jarrah, Red Gum, F17, Particle Board, Plywood, M.D.F, Fast Finish Primed Mouldings, Masonite, Weathertex, Shadowclad, Meypine, Ritepine and much more.

Celebrating 15 years from go-live!

Tarmac (SA) – Since 1978, Tarmac have been a leading presence in South Australia, cultivating lasting ties with the country’s premier pine plantation owners and timber producers. With raw materials coming primarily from local S.A. sawmills and various out-of-state providers, Tarmac prioritises sustainable management of our timber resources, ensuring environmentally conscious harvesting practices.

Tarmac is committed to deliver top-tier timber products, exceptional customer services, and expert technical guidance, backed by an efficient and friendly sales and admin team.

Celebrating 10 years from go-live! 

S.A. Pine – A privately-owned company established in 2012, S.A. Pine pride themselves on being providers of premium timber building materials, sourced exclusively from Australian plantation pine, ensuring both quality and sustainability. Their sawmill finds its home in Adelaide Hills at Kuitpo, with their Drymill and Treatment facility is located at Monarto in the Murray Lands.

From construction sites to home renovation projects across the nation, S.A. Pine specialise in value-added products, including DAR H3 LOSP, Treated Decking, Untreated Framing, Sleepers and Case Grade.

Worldwide Timber Traders – Since its inception in 1966, as a green hardwood sawmiller in W.A, Worldwide Timber Traders are now one of W.A.’s premier distributors and manufacturers. Today their range encompasses products such as timber, plywood, veneers, cladding, decking, laminating, acoustic panels and structural timber.

Priding themselves on being the ultimate destination for all timber needs, Worldwide Timber Traders also offer bespoke manufacturing services, including mouldings, CNC, machining, Cut & edge panels and slatwall, tailored to individual client requirements. Beyond supply, they offer consulting as a service to be involved in every project phase, from design conception to completion. 

Here’s to many more years of shared collaboration and partnership as we embark on new journeys toward business growth and success. Thank you all once again.