Odoo ERP 

We are pleased to announce that WilldooIT have been awarded 2017 Odoo APAC Partner of the Year 


Technology solutions to grow your business.

In a fast-paced competitive business environment, well-implemented technology solutions allow you to control costs while still growing, improve customer interaction and provide management visibility across all business units. Odoo, implemented by WilldooIT, is a perfect solution due to its flexibility, extensibility and scope.

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Which Odoo solutions will help your business grow? 


Warehouse & Logistics

CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Finances

 eCommerce, CMS & customer Portal

& Marketing




How do you see your business? 

Odoo ERP

A new or small business ready to take that next step

  • Do you need to effectively operate in the “connected world”?

  • Have you started off small and are now growing

  • Are you technically competent but need supporting hand?

  • Do you need to build your own custom website?

    Do you require a cost-effective integrated

  • eCommerce solution?

  • Do you need an enterprise solution but have a limited budget?

Odoo ERP

A growing company held back by outdated software and systems

  • Is your growth limited by technical shortcomings?

  • Do you want the latest technology to effectively operate in the “connected world”?

  • Are your systems outdated and limiting growth?

  • Do you require a specific feature to save time and money?

  • Are you still using multiple unconnected spreadsheets?

  • Are you running out of time keeping your products and website updated?

  • Do you want to eliminate the double handling of data entry?

Odoo ERP

An established business looking for a competitive advantage

  • Is your current system limiting growth?

  • Are your multiple enterprise solutions not integrated?

  • Are you expanding to multiple locations?

  • Do you require a specific feature which will save you time and money?

  • Are your complex workflows too reliant on systems using manual processes?

  • Do you require integrated custom manufacturing solutions?

  • Do you want to increase your effectiveness operating in the “connected world”? 

Working with Australasian companies since 1982


"Implementing a new ERP system is an inherently tortuous endeavour not to be undertaken lightly and it is important to select the right partner that understands your needs and ensures they are met with minimal pain and disruption to the business"...

David Blamire, CEO - Xo2

More testimonials 

PaZ Stone WilldooIT replaced several disparate legacy systems that were beginning to fall apart, and were definitely holding our growth back, with one integrated custom solution. It has absolutely transformed our work processes and provided us with a solid platform for growth with minimal additional overhead. We would readily recommend WilldooIT's professional services.

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The PNORS group of companies

WilldooIT is part of the PNORS group of companies with offices in Melbourne,  Sydney and Brisbane. Together with the benefits of offering complimentary technology solutions to grow your business, WilldooIT is able to provide a  personalised tailored service while still ensuring the security and business continuity that being part of a large company provides.

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