Why choose WilldooIT as your Odoo ERP implementation partner?

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The first and most experienced Odoo partner in Australia.

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Australia's first Odoo
Gold partner.

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First officially certified Odoo V10 partner worldwide and we also have several certified V12 team members.

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APAC partner of the year:
• 2017
• 2015
• 2013

 Success Stories

Successful ERP implementations since 1982


Successful Odoo eCommerce implementation

You just can’t have limitations when you are trying to provide a great experience to your customers and make them say WOW. Odoo and WilldooIT have helped us give our clients the WOW factor.  

David Blamire - CEO

Full Success Story here

Renewable Energy ERP Case Study

After five years of looking at ERP/CRM solutions that either required us to do things their way, were too expensive, had high annual maintenance costs or supplied by companies we were unsure of for a long-term relationship - it was a relief to discover Odoo and the team at WilldooIT.

 David Kleinschmidt - Chief Operating Officer

Full Success Story here

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Xero Lighting

"The ability to tailor solutions for specific installations provides the XERO Lighting Group with a significant competitive advantage. The flexibility of Odoo and the expertise at WilldooIT have enabled XERO Lighting to embed this philosophy in our systems”

- Edwin Sargeant - Managing Director

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The Elton Group

"Odoo is helping us manage production workflows that would have not been possible using our old system, unless we were doubling the people working in the office. Odoo forced us to give our Company a better structure, defining processes that will help Elton Group to keep up with the growth of the business."

-  Giovanni Fariselli - CTO

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Odoo ERP

New or Small company

Ready to take that
next step?

  • Do you need to effectively operate in the “connected world”?

  • Have you started off small and are now growing

  • Are you technically competent but need supporting hand?

  • Do you need to build your own custom website?

    Do you require a cost-effective integrated

  • eCommerce solution?

  • Do you need an enterprise solution but have a limited budget?

Odoo ERP

Growing company

Being held back by outdated software and systems?

  • Is your growth limited by technical shortcomings?

  • Do you want the latest technology to effectively operate in the “connected world”?

  • Are your systems outdated and limiting growth?

  • Do you require a specific feature to save time and money?

  • Are you still using multiple unconnected spreadsheets?

  • Are you running out of timekeeping your products and website updated?

  • Do you want to eliminate the double handling of data entry?

Odoo ERP

Established organisation

Are you looking for a competitive advantage?

  • Is your current system limiting growth?

  • Are your multiple enterprise solutions not integrated?

  • Are you expanding to multiple locations?

  • Do you require a specific feature which will save you time and money?

  • Are your complex workflows too reliant on systems using manual processes?

  • Do you require integrated custom manufacturing solutions?

  • Do you want to increase your effectiveness operating in the “connected world”? 

The PNORS group of companies

WilldooIT is part of the PNORS group of companies with offices in Melbourne,  Sydney and Brisbane. Together with the benefits of offering complementary technology solutions to grow your business, WilldooIT is able to provide a  personalised tailored service while still ensuring the security and business continuity that being part of a large company provides.

  PNORS Technology Group