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Odoo Best Partner

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We provide technology solutions to grow your business

In a fast-paced competitive business environment, well-implemented technology solutions allow you to control costs

while still growing, improve customer interaction and provide management visibility across all business units.

Odoo, implemented by WilldooIT, is a perfect solution due to its flexibility, extensibility and scope.

About Odoo

Odoo is global open source suite of business applications covering all business needs from Website and eCommerce, Finance, Manufacturing, Inventory and Accounting, all seamlessly integrated. Traditional ERP is finance-centric whilst Odoo provides a 360 degree view of your sales process from marketing to initial enquiry through to sales, delivery, invoicing and after sales customer marketing. Odoo’s level of feature integration ensures a superior customer focused experience. Odoo removes the initial cost of the software and is free to download. Odoo is highly customisable providing customers with a solution that is tailored and has a 100% requirements fit, although many customers are perfectly suited to the out-of-the-box offering. 2 million users and 55,000 companies around the globe are enjoying the benefits of Odoo.


Which solution is best for your business?

Odoo ERP

A new or small business ready to take that next step

  • Need to effectively operate in the “connected world”

  • Need to start small but know you will grow

  • Technically competent but need a supporting hand

  • Build your own custom website

  • Require a cost-effective integrated eCommerce solution

  • Need an enterprise solution but have a limited budget 

Odoo ERP

A growing company held back by outdated software and systems

  • Limited growth due to technical shortcomings

  • Need to effectively operate in the “connected world”

  • Outdated systems are stopping your growth

  • Require a specific feature which will save you time and money

  • Using multiple unconnected spreadsheets

  • Double handling data entry

  • No time to keep your products & website updated

Odoo ERP

An established business looking for a competitive advantage

  • Current system limiting growth

  • Multiple enterprise solutions not integrated

  • Expanding to multiple locations

  • Require a specific feature which will save you time and money

  • Complex workflows too reliant on systems using manual processes

  • Require integrated custom manufacturing solution

  • Need to effectively operate in the “connected world”

WilldooIT industry solutions

Wholesaler Distributer

Trade Retail

Import  Export



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Point of Sale

PNORS Technology Group

The PNORS group of companies

WilldooIT is part of the PNORS group of companies with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Together with the benefits of offering complimentary technology solutions to grow your business, WilldooIT is able to provide a personalised tailored service while still ensuring the security and business continuity that being part of a large company provides.

Document scanning & management save time by converting documents for auto entry into your ERP via EDI.

Manage IT infrastructure including PCs, servers, networks, security, licensing, system audit and compliance.

Hosted Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services connecting customers with their trading partners through industry specific trading exchanges including the Pacific Commerce Exchange and more.

Open source ERP solution including eCommerce, content management, projects, HR, payroll. Also offering seamless EDI integration for suppliers and customers.