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Live Webinar:

Reducing overheads, increasing sales and gaining complete visibility over your operations.

Introducing Willdoo Renewables - a full-featured ERP software solution built solely for Australian Renewable Energy businesses.

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   Thursday 29th of October 2020

  2:00pm AEST (approx. 45 min)

  Online via Webex

In this webinar, we will provide an overview of Willdoo Renewables, a full-featured business management solution specifically designed for Renewable Energy Retail and Supplier Enterprises.

Key Takeaways:

  • Integrate your entire business process into a scalable single source of truth that utilises the same database reducing administrative overhead, improving efficiencies, and sustaining growth.

  • Integrating inventory and project management with sales and procurement workflows to make sure your purchasing, warehousing and installs are flawless. 

  • Seamlessly document and manage compliance and legal requirements in conjunction with government incentives without the extensive manual workloads. 

  • Delight your customers with seamless pre, during and post-sales communication integrated through Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM and Project Management, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks and no customer is left behind.

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  • Introduction to WilldooIT and the PNORS Technology Group

Overview of the market & why we built Willdoo Renewables

  • The business drivers in the Renewable Energy Sector

  • The problems we are solving

  • How we are working with the industry to continually improve Willdoo Renewables

Overview & Demo of Willdoo Renewables

  • Integrated Finance

  • Sales

  • Inventory & Stock Management 

  • Job Management

Our users & their experience using Willdoo Renewables

  • Supply Partners

  • Springers Solar


Who should attend?

This session is open to everyone as it is about how Willdoo Renewables can enhance your Business Processes.


  • To see how Willdoo Renewables meets your requirements, it's important for management and operations to attend.


  • This is a perfect webinar for executives as reducing management overheads and integrating workflows is vital for any business.

Decision Makers:

  • If you are looking into options for your next ERP package, all level of decision-makers are welcomed.


  • Any level of IT support or management looking to evaluate ERP software packages.



David Kleinschmidt 

Technical Sales / Business Analyst
Renewable Energy Division

With experience as General Manager of a Renewable energy business, David uniquely understands the challenges faced by the Industry. David's background includes management, analyst, and consultant roles, providing him with experience to match his expertise.