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TIMMS Digital User Conference 2020

Here's everything you need to know about joining the event

1. Once your details have been verified by our team, you will receive an email from Felix Choo <>
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2. We recommend that you click "Accept" (for Outlook) or "Yes" (for Gmail). This will add the invite to your calendar. This is important as it has your login details for the event. Odoo image and text block
3. When it is time to join the event, please click "Join Event" below. 

We recommend logging in 15 minutes early to ensure you don't have any problems connecting. 

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4. There are two options to join the event. You can either "Add Webex to Chrome" or run a "Temporary Application". 

We recommend running a temporary application. If you already have a Webex account or have used Webex previously, you can join if it is already installed on your PC. 

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5. The application window will download a temporary file to your PC. Please click open on the link as seen below.

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6. Now that the temporary application is running, you can join the event by clicking "Join Event".

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7. Once in the event, you will have access to a number of controls. 

Please refer to the image below for a brief explanation. 

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If you have any questions please let us know

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