Complete supply chain control

Supply Chain Management and Inventory Control must be a high priority for any growing Businesses. An inefficient supply chain and inventory management system cost businesses extensive time and resources with nonproductive processes. TIMMS  ERP Supply Chain Management solutions offer a fully customisable solution to all your supply chain needs. 

TIMMS Supply Chain ERP Modules;

Bill of Materials Overview  

Most companies use multiple sources of materials making the Bills of Materials process a struggle to maintain. The TIMMS Bill of Materials Module is designed to provide information at the touch of a key, relating to tracking and management of all materials and costs in your operation.

Each Bill of Materials allows an unlimited number of parts and levels. The task file keeps track of different types of labour, overhead,  sub-contract and miscellaneous costs. The module further supports easy recalculation of costs on all sub-assemblies and finished products on demand.

eCommerce Overview 

Virtual exchanging of data in electronic format or eCommerce is essential for every modern business. The eCommerce Module provides your business with electronic data interchange (EDI) which is the automated computer application to computer application,(server to server) exchange of structured computer processable business documents.

These business documents, include; purchase orders, delivery notices, shipment advice, debtor and creditor statements are transferred between your organisation and your customers, suppliers and other trading partners.

TIMMS EDI in collaboration with a broker electronic commerce solution will provide your business and its trading partners with a secure method of transmitting business documents over the Internet.

Import Management Overview

Import Management Overview 

From when you place an order through to the time that all the stock arrives can be an extensive length of time and in that time, many errors can occur. The TIMMS Import Management facilitates the control, importing and shipping processes all the way through to the time that all stock has been received and either sold or transferred into warehousing.

This module is further used for full identification, tracking and costing of imports and provides identification at all levels from the name of the vessel, voyage, bills of lading, down to individual marks. Information relating to vessel allocation, shipment details, mark detail, allocations to sales, transfers to stocks, and shipment costing details can be created and maintained, to ensure you have a stress-free process.

Import Processing Overview   

The TIMMS Importing Module lets you easily and accurately cost your imported standard and pack product stock items. From the placement of a Purchase Order through to stock being received, transferred and/or on sold, you can identify, track and cost every single item using TIMMS.   

Inventory Management Overview

Inventory Management Overview      

The Inventory Management Module has been designed specifically to manage the complex requirements of different stock types. This system incorporates a unique open item inventory system, which handles products in all forms of measurement and packaging.

APN numbering and barcoding are supportable to streamline inward and outward movements with full details are captured at receipt time including quantities, tallies,  number of pieces, unit cost and supplier/ purchase order details. New stock may be receipted into the system either directly or through the Purchase Order or Import Processing Modules. 

Job Costing Overview  

Every project has a specific budget and all hell breaks loose when it is broken. The TIMMS Job Costing Module provides you with an up-to-date picture of the expenditure and revenue associated with these projects, also providing comprehensive reporting on all transactions.

The Job Costing Module allows you to set up one record for each job being tracked with a description of how you see fits such as job name, description, customer information, purchase order amounts, cost estimates and actual current costs by cost categories defined in a cost code master file.

Log Management  Overview 

Keeping track of all of your stock movement is a requirement if you want to improve your business performance. The Log Management Module tracks the recovery of timber from allocations of land and resources used to produce the timber, royalties, government charges and contractor charges (such as cutters, sniggers, haulage etc).

The Log Management Module provides all the facilities required to effectively manage the functions within your business by integrating other TIMMS modules such as inventory management, general ledger and sawmilling.  

Purchase Order Overview    

Purchase orders require complex and varied units of measurement for various industries. The Purchase Order Module generates purchase orders whilst providing complete tracking through to purchase accrual matching in accounts payable with automatic conversion.

This Module integrates with multiple TIMMS modules including; Inventory Management and Import Processing Modules to allow updating of purchase order lines. This module creates comprehensive reports by providing business managers with full details of outstanding orders, receipts against orders, cash flow commitments and foreign exchange exposure (where foreign currency orders are made).

Sawmilling Overview

Sawmilling Overview

The Sawmilling Module provides complete tracking and management of all processes related to sawmilling and timber production. This module tracks the production of milled and treated timber as it passes through the various processes of milling, racking, drying, planning and packing. Treatment can also be tracked through to finished goods.

The incorporation of transfers and receipt functions within the Sawmilling Module allows you to pass the timber through different processes by transferring from production to production, as the timber changes its physical shape and/or form.

Stocktake  Overview

If the Stocktaking process is incorrectly completed, it will affect your company in a massive way, as hours are spent fixing man-made errors. The TIMMS Stocktake Module allows the user to reconcile the computer stock with the physical stock in an accurate process.

This function manages the variation between the computer and the physical stock. This process is performed by completing yearly or rolling stock counts and comparing against computer stock. The TIMMS administrator has the option to reset the computer count with the physical stock or disregard the comparison.

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