Supplementary Modules

Our supplementary modules cover the basic back and front of house processes that make your life that little bit easier. These modules are integrated to the finances, supply chain and sales and distribution modules to give you the customised solution that you need, to excel your business.  


Archive History Overview

Archive History Overview

One of the concerns established companies have is their massive amount of historic data. With databases growing at an exceptional rate, the ever-increasing volume of data is a pressing concern. As the size of your database grows, the percentage of inactive data also grows.

The Archiving Module enables you to optimise your current information making queries and reports run faster. This is achieved by moving your company’s inactive history into a separate database location where it can be accessed when it is needed.  

Barcoding Overview 

Barcodes were created to save you time with an efficient way of quickly identifying products in your stocking or POS systems. The Timms Barcoding Module was created to take this experience even further by giving your business real-time access to critical information from key points in your supply chain.

Scanning equipment combined with Pack Label barcodes or Product barcodes can be used at various stages of product receipting, movement, stocktaking, etc. This helps to capture data faster, eliminates errors, lowers costs and manages inventory much easier than regular processes. 

Barcoding Overview
O.D.B.C - Open Database Connectivity Module Overview

O.D.B.C - Open Database Connectivity Module Overview 

By using Microsoft  Windows-based applications you can easily obtain complex data easily from any TIMMS application through the ODBC or Open Database Connectivity Module. This is an easy way to utilise your data collection, creating an efficient process for your business. The ODBC interface has emerged as the standard mechanism for client applications to access data from a variety of different sources through a single SQL-based interface. This single interface insulates the various programs from the difference between the data source. If you can use products like Microsoft Excel, Access or Seagate’s Crystal Reports you have all the TIMMS data available and you can produce any management reports required.

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