Odoo ERP Customisation

The true value of a customised ERP solution

WilldooIT has an experienced team of programmers with a broad range of technology skills to implement custom designs that in turn facilitate change in your business.

Increase productivity and efficiency:

    Small changes to a system can provide big payoffs in productivity. Your current functionality may be workable but can be clumsy within the context of     a particular business practice. The goal of customisations is improved productivity with corresponding short payback periods. Your current     functionality may be clumsy within the context of a particular business practice.

Create a completely integrated system:

    To obtain the best solutions in all areas of a business, it is often necessary to integrate disparate systems. WilldooIT have vast experience in     "software plumbing" (integration of software).

Reduce current systems used:

    Potential reduction in systems required by making changes to the core ERP application. This also reduces learning times and the need for complex     and error-prone interfaces.

Cost savings:

    Potential cost savings due to reduced double entry of information and overheads associated with additional staff.

Create a competitive advantage:

    Implementation of innovative features keeps you ahead of your competitors.


Let's create a specialised plan just for you