Timber eCommerce in a Wholesale Environment. Is it Achievable?

Felix Choo


In my 15+ years of experience in the Australian Timber industry, 9 out of 10 wholesalers I have spoken with express the viewpoint that eCommerce is not suitable for them, let alone not achievable.

Partly, they believe that it contains features not applicable to their business model and partly, that the return will not be imminent with the initial investment. 

While it is true that some eCommerce features are not needed in a wholesale environment and may never be needed, overall, eCommerce will provide immense benefits for your business, ensuring that you can increase productivity and convenience for your customers, all while spending less time back of office with administrative overheads delaying sales.

I am a firm believer in utilsing technology to enhance sales and that an eCommerce solution will improve sales for any Timber wholesaler and will result in improved efficiencies. Ultimately, adopting an eCommerce sales process will allow you to spend more time on what is most important to you and your business. 

What are the concerns with eCommerce?

The wholesalers that I have spoken to generally have 3 primary concerns with eCommerce:

  • The fear of being viewed as competing with their customers through an online portal open to anyone with internet access

  • The inability to implement their pre-existing (and often complex) sales processes. (This usually contains levels of negotiation and traditional sales methods conceding over handshakes)

  • The lack of a suitable business model for integration of online sales with physical stock delivery

As you will soon see, each of these issues can be overcome through a well thought out eCommerce implementation, which ties directly into your sales process, providing a smooth and convenient ordering facility for your customers. 

Timber eCommerce

Implementing Timber eCommerce in a wholesale environment

Timber eCommerce in a Wholesale Environment. Is it Achievable?

While it is true that in a wholesale environment, the role of an eCommerce system is slightly different than in a retail environment, the fundamentals remain the same. The general focus is about increasing convenience for your customers while ensuring that the entire sales process is integrated, allowing for a quicker turnaround and delivery timeframe due to reduced administrative work. 

For a wholesaler, the most significant difference in the implementation of an eCommerce system is the addition of a secure online portal. This ensures that only pre-authorised customers have access to the ordering portal, reinforcing the position that you do not impose on your clients retail market. This eliminates issues expressed by wholesalers about competing in the same market and also ensures that risk is removed from untrustworthy sources. 

Furthermore, the unique eCommerce features provided by solutions like TIMMSanywhere™ completely negates other issues raised by most wholesalers, primarily through tight integration of the customer portal with all additional information contained to your ERP system. This ensures that all vital configurations, particularly negotiated prices, discounts, and rebates, apply correctly for each customer, allowing your pre-existing pricing structure to remain the same.

As such, the process for an eCommerce solution for your wholesaling business will most likely look as follows.   

4 steps towards Timber eCommerce in a wholesale environment

1. Pre-activation

In the pre-activation stage, many necessary tasks would be undertaken, exactly as if you were taking on a customer without an online portal including:

  • Credit application for the customer

  • Identification of products needed by the customer

  • Explanation of pricing structure, including potential rebates and discounts

  • Negotiation of prices and payment terms

  • Explanation of any other applicable terms and conditions

2. Customer set up

In the customer set up stage, tasks pertaining primarily to customer access to the secured online portal are undertaken, including:

    • Distribution to a customer of setup link(s) (via email)

    • Set up of logins (usernames and passwords) by customer

    • Application of any necessary changes to pricing (Rebates, Discounts, etc.)

    • Continuation of any necessary set up activities from Pre-activation

3. Online purchasing enabled

Within this stage, all customer accounts will be provided with access to the online portal and their purchasing will be enabled. From this point onwards, little interaction is required from your business for ordering online, with customers able to utilise the secured online portal at their convenience. Of course, it must be noted that this is not the only way to order; customers can still always call your designated Account Manager and are not required to order online.

eCommerce Timber

4. Purchasing and Delivery

When a customer places and confirms an order via the online portal, the system will automatically create a sales and picking order in TIMMSanywhere™ to process the sale. From this point onwards, orders are treated exactly the same as any other order, with deliveries scheduled and product sent.

Outside of the eCommerce system, existing Sales Reps and Account Managers will continue to build relationships with your clients (and taking orders if requested by the client). However, their focus will shift from securing orders to building strong and lasting relationships with customers, which will, in turn, secure future orders.

Benefits of Timber eCommerce in a wholesale environment

 wood and timber ecommerce

In my previous two articles, “Utilising Technology to Enhance Your Customer Experience” and "The Missing Link in the Timber Sales Process”, I explained how utilising a modern ERP product, such as TIMMSanywhere™, can provide many benefits for your business and improve your overall sales process.

While these articles may feature some benefits not needed (or wanted) by wholesalers, a majority continue to apply to your business, such as:

1. Convenience and easier procurement for your customers 

  • Firstly, an online portal will allow your customers to order products from anywhere in the world at any time, regardless of your businesses’ opening hours, ensuring that you are not staying late taking orders. This also takes into account the time-poor nature of many clients by providing them with a quick ordering process whenever they have time.

  • An online portal will also allow your customers to easily and quickly access up to date pricing information, which can be individually customised, ensuring that you accurately apply all negotiated prices, including any discounts and rebates.

  • Finally, an online portal ensures that your wholesaling business spends less time on each sale, allowing you to deal with more pertinent issues (and perhaps some more personal time!).

2. Greater insight into orders and access to vital information

  • An online portal provides both you and your customers greater insight into their past, current, and (hopefully) future orders, including critical information and tasks such as:

    • Tracking current orders (including delivery date)

    • Viewing previous orders

    • Viewing previous invoices (including any owed payments)

    • Paying invoices (depending on payment method)

    • Your current stock levels

    • Product information (MSDS, installation instructions, etc.)

    • Credit limit check and outstanding debts

3. Database of all orders and integration to ERP software

  • In TIMMSanywhere™, a single database of all current and previous orders allow you to closely track stock levels and sales targets, all updated automatically after every order. 

  • The use of an online portal also removes the need for your staff to manually input order details, ensuring that all orders are complete and correct, eliminating the headache of incorrect and incomplete orders.

  • Finally, maintaining an extensive database of sales data will enable you to more easily provide individual and customised service for each customer, ensuring that you maintain the best possible relationship with your customers.

eCommerce for the Timber industry

4. Faster and better-integrated delivery

  • An online portal both allows you to instantly turn an order into delivery for your customer while also enabling them to have greater insight into the process, providing information such as delivery timeline and the current stage of the order.

  • An eCommerce solution can also integrate directly with your scheduling service (taking into account all confirmed sales orders in your system), enabling you to have up to date information regarding delivery activities and movement of stock.

With a thought-out and well-implemented eCommerce solution, the ordering process for your wholesale business can be greatly improved and streamlined, resulting in greater convenience for your customers. At the same time, it greatly reduces the number of manual tasks that you and your staff need to perform, providing you more time for the things that really matter!


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Felix Choo - MBA B.ENG – CEO, TIMMSanywhere™

Having worked in national and senior roles in both Timber and Packaging Industries, Felix has gained significant experience and knowledge in a variety of businesses and business processes. Being a creative problem-solver, he is a great listener and seeks to understand a client’s challenges and difficulties, before strategising and proposing a solution.

Felix is a man of many talents, approaching challenges head on which assists his strategic decision making by turning ideas, thoughts, or even a bit of scribble on a post-it note, into massive action with excellent results. Felix is passionate about working side by side his clients as they grow and he works with them to achieve great things.